How to organize this pile of stuff?

Ok. I’m sitting here procrastinating. I don’t want to grade papers, so I’m trying to figure out how to organize this blog (and trying to figure out if it’s worth organizing in the first place). So, first I think it makes sense to organize by class: English 269, 201, 1A, 5, 1B, but then I start to realize that maybe it’d be better by topic, by tag. What’s the difference between a category and a tag? I’m not sure. I even read this post, which is quite informative, but it didn’t really help me make a decision.

You see, if I go down one route right the second and start editing each of my posts based on some new tagging system or categorization scheme, but find that it’s unwieldy, then I’ve got to start over. So, for now, most things are untagged, un-categorized, and just plain unruly. It’s like bad hair day… Bad blog day.

I’ll get it together this summer, I promise.

About shoshida

I'm a teacher at Berkeley City College who's trying to become a tech-savvy teacher.
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